B2B Under 3

Elevate the impact of your B2B marketing

As a fresh, full-service B2B marketing and communications agency, we've learned a thing or two about how to create compelling and captivating B2B content throughout our years in business. Our series, B2B Under 3 (minutes) explores different elements that make content connect. Check out our brief videos below.

B2B Under 3: Episode 4

Talking Heads

B2B Under 3 (minutes) shares minutes-long meditations that can have a lasting impact on your approach to marketing. In the fourth video in our series, Founder & CEO Hugh Schulze shares a few tips on how to capture interview footage for talking head videos that feel more natural—to the audience, and the person on camera.

B2B Under 3: Episode 3

Would you like a storyboard with that?

It's said that "seeing is believing" and when it comes to producing films and videos, we've seen firsthand how critical storyboards are to bringing videos to life–on time and on budget. This B2B Under 3 (minutes) shows the full story of storyboards.

B2B Under 3: Episode 2

Rethinking stock music

Imagine Jaws without the music, now imagine it with stock music...it's just not the same. In this B2B Under 3 (minutes), Hugh Schulze explains the importance of sound when it comes to storytelling, and why you might want to consider original music for your next project.

B2B Under 3: Episode 1

One BIG idea

Catchy and compelling videos are all the rage, but how do you know the right length for your video? In our first B2B Under 3 (minutes) video, Hugh Schulze reflects on how long an effective video needs to be.