How to reveal your brand essence and connect with more customers

Hugh Schulze
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How you define yourself today–your core message, your brand essence–can lead to new possibilities and untapped value. Whether you're looking to bring a game-changing innovation to market, launch a new sub-brand, or you want to freshly articulate your brand essence that's evolved from your Day 1 to today, we help you find the exact words and phrases to talk about yourself clearly and consistently.

And we do so by building a Message House.

The value of aligning your brand with a Message House

The Message House ensures every part of your marketing plan–your podcasts and social posts, videos, website, printed and digital campaigns–all resonate with the taglines and core messages we've created.

But this discipline doesn't constrain your creative execution, rather it creates guidelines that allow you to creatively branch off and open new avenues that connect with customers. A clear and defined brand message creates:

Discover who you are today by asking:

  • What makes us unique?
  • What services and capabilities do we offer today that customers are seeking?
  • How are our customers talking about us?
  • Brand consistency. Repeating clear messages helps them stick with customers. We've all gotten a tagline or jingle stuck in our head before and can still name the brand it belonged to because it was used consistently across the brand's touchpoints.
  • Brand recognition. Customers can quickly and easily recognize your brand when it becomes associated with consistent words and phrases.
  • Brand loyalty. Trust is built with customers when a consistent message is repeated and repeatedly delivered on, drawing them back to the brand they believe in over and over again.

By building out a Message House, you can structure messaging to establish hierarchies and create a clear roadmap of what should go where, leading you to the brand consistency, recognition, and loyalty you want.

Building a Message House helps your brand hit all the right notes

Our quick-read infographic shows how a Message House is built and illustrates how we get to the heart of your brand essence.

Brand promise

Starting from the top of the Message House, we begin with the brand promise. This is a focused and concise message that distills your brand down to the right words and phrases that resonate with customers. This is the promise of what your brand does, who you are, and who you aim to be.

Why it matters

Your brand promise is the declaration of who you are, and the why it matters section is the rationale. This is the "why" behind everything you're doing and saying about yourself. It is why you're taking the approach you are to solve your customers' challenges. And it ensures the relevancy of your brand message. The why it matters section is often where we define the current market state and surface any customer pain points that your business solves.

Customer benefits

The customer benefits are where you share the most exciting and impactful outcomes your brand delivers. You may have many customer benefits (which is fantastic!) and we often narrow these down to three or four of the most beneficial ones to add to your core messages.

Foundational proof points

Finally, your brand essence needs to be backed up by foundational proof points. These are the reasons to believe in your brand, the things that differentiate you from your competitors, the things that you–and only you–deliver to your customers. These are your services, your capabilities, and your expertise that create the strong base for the entirety of your core messages to rest upon.

If your team is ready to dig into your brand essence and build a Message House, get in touch. We can help you rediscover your core values, develop your key differentiators, and then create a host of engaging experiences for your audiences weaving that core message throughout. Use the contact form below.

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In addition, the situation analysis that we craft after the discovery session facilitates alignment. That is crucial here, and has some major benefits for your marketing efforts:

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It clarifies your value, differentiation, and vision.

And that helps your people and your experiences to tell a unified story.

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It builds cohesion across experiences.

Each element builds on and reinforces the others, which strengthens the customer connection.

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It maximizes your marketing spend.

You’re moving forward with what works. Or: measure twice, cut once.