Trending AI software and platforms: the magic behind the tools

Adam Tock
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AI tools and software are no longer a novelty–they're everywhere. According to the website There's an AI For That, there are already 11,938 AIs for 16,604 tasks and 4,847 jobs. And by the time this post is published, those numbers will already have gone way up.

Generative AI tools are being created for many reasons across industries, but the underlying goal for all of them is to make tasks easier, faster, more efficient, and cost less. In the marketing world, we're seeing GenAI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Leonardo AI becoming trendy. And when we think back to the not-so-distant past, this isn't the first time our industry has seen platforms come into fashion and make companies question if they should be using them. Previously, we had platforms like the Metaverse and AR/VR experiences that businesses were all exploring.

Which brings us to some big questions regarding all of these popular tools and platforms: what do they all actually achieve? Can they create better customer experiences, and should you be using them to do so? Will they save you time and money, like they claim?

Should I use AI for branding and marketing?

The simple answer is: it’s complicated.

The truth is, these are still just tools. You need the person behind the tools to make better customer experiences happen. Creating an amazing image in Midjourney is great, but if that image doesn't make sense to your customers—if it only looks snazzy but doesn't bring out your brand essence in any way—then it isn't driving the experiences you or your customers want.

GenAI tools will never understand what it is to have a soul, as people do. Or as Hugh said, "they don’t know what pineapples taste like." They don't understand context, empathy, desire, and intention. GenAI will never truly understand your brand as people do.

But these tools are a starting point, a primed canvas so to speak, that allow experiences to be built upon. They bring incredible potential to engage your customers in new ways that build brand awareness and loyalty.

The question then becomes: how can you use GenAI to create better customer experiences?

We start by testing the tools. Like any good science project or experiment, we start with the hypothesis of how we think the tool will work and we put it to the test. Can ChatGPT write a video script that brings out a client's tone, voice, and brand? What about using Synthesia to create a teaser video? So far, we've found every GenAI tool to be a good starting point, but we've found the tools lacking when it comes to understanding a brand and knowing how to create meaningful moments that connect with audiences.

We iterate with the tools and learn about them. We've been working with Midjourney since its first days, and we've seen it go from sticking four random arms and two noses together to be a "human," to now only putting six fingers on hands. Which still sounds bizarre, we know, but trust us when we say this is a massive improvement. By continuing to work with the tools and iterate with them, we know how to write better prompts, which levers to pull, and which buttons to adjust so we achieve results we want. And we'll keep iterating and learning about them as the tools themselves continue to evolve and change.

Your brand essence + the power of AI = Better customer experiences

Understanding GenAI tools is only half of the equation when it comes to building better brand experiences. The other half is making sure to come back to your brand essence. Your brand essence is the golden thread that weaves throughout everything that you do and create–no matter if you choose to do that with the help of GenAI tools or not.

Knowing who you are at your core, your brand messages, your brand identity, who your audience is and the kinds of experiences they're seeking, those are the elements that make a customer's experience authentic, cohesive, and immersive.

Combining the power of AI tools with your brand identity for better customer experiences takes time and knowledge. From design to video to messaging and beyond, we can help. Reach out through the contact form below.

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In addition, the situation analysis that we craft after the discovery session facilitates alignment. That is crucial here, and has some major benefits for your marketing efforts:

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It clarifies your value, differentiation, and vision.

And that helps your people and your experiences to tell a unified story.

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It builds cohesion across experiences.

Each element builds on and reinforces the others, which strengthens the customer connection.

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It maximizes your marketing spend.

You’re moving forward with what works. Or: measure twice, cut once.