Why Stock Music Won't Cut It: B2B Video Marketing Tips

Hugh Schulze
5 minute read

In the world of B2B video marketing, the sound and music of a video play a crucial role in telling a compelling story. However, due to budget and time constraints, many B2B videos rely on stock music, which may not always perfectly align with the message being conveyed. In this post, we explore the benefits of using original music in B2B videos and how it can enhance the emotional impact on the audience.


Filmmaker, George Lucas, has said:

"The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment."

Indeed, music is the emotional lens, the nervous system by which your audience will FEEL the story you’re trying to tell.

But because of budgets and timelines, all-too-often, B2B videos rely on STOCK music.

Now Stock Music is not (necessarily) BAD, in fact, there are so many options, you can find something to get you CLOSE to that feeling.

But think of it this way: with your script, you’ve crafted a beautiful wine, an amazing cocktail, heck, maybe an incredible meal…. Do you want to serve it up in plastic cups or on paper plates?

The better your music authentically reflects your story, the more your audience will FEEL that story.

What if – for your next film or video – you consider original music? Ask about working with a composer – the incremental increase in cost and time MAY well be worth it.

The composer WE worked with on this video is Tony Scott-Green. You can contact us or him at the emails below.

Music by: Tony Scott-Green
Contact: tony@tonyscottgreen.com

Video by: c|change
Contact: hschulze@cchangeinc.com

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