How worldbuilding can improve your B2B brand building

Differentiating your company in an increasingly unpredictable and competitive market is getting more difficult. How can your brand more effectively convey your unique value?

Rethinking customer experience: worldbuilding

Worldbuilding is a term of art in the film industry. It refers to how every element of a movie must work together–from the script to casting to costumes to editing to special effects, score, and even the trailer-to create the most engaging and memorable experience.Similarly, worldbuilding in marketing refers to how all the brand elements are working together to deliver an authentic, believable and ultimately engaging customer experience.

Why worldbuilding matters

McKinsey Research found B2B customer experience (CX) index ratings significantly lag behind those of retail customers. B2C companies typically score in the 65 to 85 percent  range, while B2B companies average less than 50 percent-and the gap is widening. The reality is CX is just as important for your B2B target audience.

How our clients benefit

Effective worldbuilding delivers greater consistency, customer engagement and retention.

Client worlds we’ve helped build

Learn how we helped a growing, woman-owned management consulting firm create an unconventional, differentiated presence in market to help drive growth.

Learn how we orchestrated a rebrand of three technology consulting firms during a merger to create excitement and increased brand awareness.

Learn how we rebranded an investment banking firm to make it more attractive to potential buyers–and helped it sell within a year of the new brand launch.