Shoreline Sightseeing

Selling more tickets with smarter search advertising.


Increase in ad click through rate (CTR) versus past campaigns.


Return on ad spend investment during 2022 campaign.


Reached highest season of online ticket sales since tracking started in 2013.

The world we built

  • Continually adjusted budgeting to favor ad groups that delivered the most conversions for the least cost
  • Developed custom dashboards to chart progress and enable the entire team to make informed decisions together
  • Tested and refined the website checkout process regularly to ensure maximum conversion rate optimization of prospective customers

Big picture

Over the many years that c|change and Shoreline Sightseeing have been working together, we’ve had some great marketing moments–including reaching the coveted top spot for tour rankings on TripAdvisor. What c|change hadn’t done until this year was to also run Shoreline’s paid digital marketing campaigns.

Starting with 2022’s touring season, we turned Shoreline’s paid digital ad operations into a lean, mean, ticket-selling machine. By focusing Shoreline's strategy to reach audiences, developing custom dashboards that enabled complete collaboration between our two teams, and testing and refining Shoreline's website checkout process, we helped Shoreline make the ticket buying process quick, easy, and enjoyable.

"Our digital ad campaigns—and resulting ticket sales—have seen a remarkable jump this year thanks to our collaboration with c|change. Our increase in booked tours means smooth sailing for our business."

- Nick Johnson, Director of Sales

Putting the pieces together

Shoreline’s digital ad campaigns had historically been designed to reach customers at all points in the sales funnel, from awareness through buying intent.

To simplify the approach and deliver more results, we eliminated the channels and ad formats that were producing general brand awareness but were not delivering ticket sales.

A new world for Shoreline Sightseeing

With the new strategy in place, Shoreline has seen a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of their paid digital marketing. And the improvements can all be tracked in a custom dashboard we built that measures all of the campaign key performance indicators (KPIs).

Paid search ads are now a great return on Shoreline’s marketing investment. Filled seats on Shoreline’s boats is great for Shoreline and the many tourists that started their tour by searching for an amazing experience online.


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