Computer Science Teachers Association - c|change

Creating a refreshed annual conference for computer science teachers.


Pieces of signage designed and strategically placed throughout the venue.


Activation structures created to engage conference attendees.


Swag packs assembled and delivered to conference attendees.

The world we built

  • Designed a conference brand that stemmed from CSTA's established brand
  • Reflected the growth of CSTA while engaging the in-person community
  • Created a cohesive conference experience that celebrated and energized teachers

Big picture

The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) annual conference is an opportunity for computer science teachers to strengthen their community bonds, recharge for the school year ahead, and feel celebrated and appreciated.

After two years of virtual conferences and exponential growth in attendance, CSTA returned to an in-person event for their 2022 Annual Conference. Our team was asked to create the event's brand and help computer science teachers from across the country feel comfortable, excited, and energized at the annual conference.

"c|change served as an extension of our events and marketing team, partnering with CSTA to create an experience that elevated our brand to match the high-quality experience and content our members receive at the annual conference."

- Michelle Burton
, Director of Program Operations

Putting the pieces together

To craft the CSTA annual conference's look and feel, we designed several concepts that incorporated elements of the established brand, particularly the brand's vibrant colors and the shapes of the CSTA logo. We simultaneously wrote taglines to accompany these designs, capturing the essence of the 2022 annual conference and conveying the energy, celebration, and engagement that computer science teachers could expect from the in-person event.

Moving from the chosen concept into execution, our team brought the annual conference to life through a Cvent website, social media assets, over 75 pieces of signage, 9 large activation stations, the conference stage design, and a swag pack with over 10 conference-branded items.

The bright and cheerful conference branding was designed to be experienced digitally and in person, making CSTA members feel welcomed, revitalized, and connected to their broader teacher community at every touchpoint.

"CSTA is exactly what every CS teacher in our nation needs. From the hands-on experiences to the social sessions and events, it’s as energizing and engaging as advertised."

- CSTA conference attendee

A new world for computer science teachers

By designing a conference brand that was vibrant and engaging, we were able to increase the excitement around the annual conference and help achieve the ultimate goal of making computer science teachers feel appreciated for all that they do–throughout the school year and beyond.

As one conference attendee said, "CSTA is exactly what every CS teacher in our nation needs. From the hands-on experiences to the social sessions and events, it’s as energizing and engaging as advertised. I made some great connections, learned strategies, and tools to bring back to the classroom. Perhaps best of all, I feel inspired and driven to be the best I can be for my students."


Event branding
Web design
Video production & editing
Account management