Boost New Business Growth with Effective B2B Lead Generation

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B2B lead generation is a critical aspect of any successful marketing strategy, especially when it comes to acquiring new business. For many businesses, the process of generating new leads can be a daunting task, particularly in the digital age where there is an abundance of information and competition for attention. However, with the right tools and tactics, B2B lead generation can be made more efficient and effective, ultimately leading to increased revenue and growth.

As VP of Marketing & Digital Strategy, one of my primary responsibilities is to discover and nurture new business leads for c|change. Like most agencies that must balance internal marketing with helping our clients grow, it’s essential for us to be efficient in how we generate and qualify business leads for our services. That’s why cold outreach is way down on my list of favorite lead-gen methods. In all honesty, it’s a numbers game that I have little chance of winning. Unless, of course, I make some serious changes to the process. Which is exactly what I set out to do.

Playing With Better Odds

As I was researching ways to make lead generation and qualification more effective, I realized that this process would run much more smoothly if my efforts were focused on outreach to organizations that had already shown some signs of interest in our agency. This would allow us to focus on the quality of interactions over the volume of interactions—helping us make the best use of the time we have for internal marketing.

The question became: How? As someone with “marketing” in my title, I am bombarded with all sorts of propositions to buy new marketing “solutions” every day. Some appear sophisticated and powerful, while others make me think, “I bet I could make something similar myself.” If I’m going to be solving challenges and increasing efficiency for our clients, why shouldn’t I be doing the same thing for c|change? So, I decided to take on the challenge myself and see if I could piece together a few existing marketing tools to create a custom marketing solution that could do two key things:

  1. Find out who was interested in c|change
  2. Personalize the way we reach out to them

I was able to build my solution using three tools that were easy to find, easy to use, and easy on the budget

Putting the Pieces Together

First, I found a web application called Leadfeeder that works with Google Analytics. Leadfeeder shows me what companies have visited our website recently and the level of engagement that was a part of that visit.

Next, I found a Chrome extension called Prospector that finds the contact information of likely decision makers at those same companies who have interacted with our website. Do I know for a fact that I have found the exact person that has visited our website? No. But I’m still dramatically closer to finding someone that is interested in our services than I would have been using completely cold outreach.

And, finally, I use a simple form to input that information and trigger a series of personalized emails in Mailchimp that share examples of our services with this new potential client.

Does this process seem too complicated? It would have been without the help of these tools.

All Systems Go

Now that we have a cohesive system in place, it’s time to track its effectiveness. I plan to continue researching and testing new tools that will make both new business and day-to-day agency life smarter and more efficient. Along the way I will look for ways to tweak and refine, and I am excited to see what results it will bring. Acquiring new business can be tricky, but with this custom marketing solution, we will be more likely to have conversations with prospective clients we better understand, and who are also more likely to think that we can help them accomplish their marketing goals.

No matter the challenge, I believe that the right solution is just around the corner. If this marketing tactic is something that you’d like to try with your business, send me a message and we can find a way to customize it to your business goals.

In the world of business, acquiring new business is essential to growth and success. B2B lead generation is a crucial part of this process, and it requires careful planning, execution, and analysis. By using the right tools and tactics, businesses can improve their lead generation efforts, ultimately leading to more successful conversions and increased revenue. With the help of technology and a strategic approach, B2B lead generation can become a more manageable and successful aspect of any marketing strategy.