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Eagle Hill Consulting

Finding the values in people-centric branding


Brand identity
Content strategy
Photo shoot production

Big picture

Over our years as agency of record, Eagle Hill Consulting has grown rapidly, with offices around the country. Along the way, we have worked as an extension of their marketing team as they have worked to include new offerings and audiences while keeping a strong focus on maintaining their award-winning culture.

To extend their brand while not only demonstrating, but strengthening their core values, we knew we needed to:

  1. Adapt their brand to their people, values, and goals as their consultancy grows and evolves.

  2. Authentically bring out their core values of Impact, Collaboration, Family, and Fun in every branding exercise.

  3. Create a brand that both builds excitement from potential clients but also serves as a tool for recruiting.

Putting the
pieces together

Eagle Hill’s brand has acted as an authentic extension of their culture throughout the years, while taking numerous forms.

For Jack’s Playlist, a series of internal blog posts drawing on founder Jack Kelley’s career in consulting, we developed a look and feel that underscored the personal nature of the posts and Jack’s handpicked music selections.

The hand-drawn illustrations of the Living Labs visual identity show that experimentation and fun are part of working with (and at) Eagle Hill.

And for the cultur[ED] podcast, hosted by CEO Melissa Jezior, our audio editing, branding, and promotional assistance brought to life the compelling stories and insights of changemakers who share Eagle Hill’s values.

Now, a yearly photo shoot puts Eagle Hill’s people and culture front and center in their brand. Acting as producers for the shoots, our account team handles:

  • Location scouting

  • Sourcing photographers

  • Organizing the shoot day

  • Ensuring the desired look and feel is captured

All of which help bring the consultancy’s values to light in compelling and organic ways.

A new world for
Eagle Hill

The photos in their website, social media, and other branded assets make it clear what makes EHC different: their people, and a personalized experience that never loses sight of the people being impacted.

Using photos of their employees has become a differentiator for the firm. It has received praise from clients and aided in recruiting as they continue their impressive growth.

Maybe most importantly, it has helped to strengthen bonds within the consultancy. At the 2022 shoot, many of the employees present were hired during the pandemic and had not met each other in person—which made the joy and excitement in their smiles and laughs come through even stronger.

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c|change has been our Agency of Record since 2014. Their team consistently gets high marks for their creativity, understanding of our business, and commitment to our joint success."

Susan Nealon
Eagle Hill Consulting, CMO

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